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The Small Business Marketing Plan gets you and your business focused on a successful and profitable path.

After working with hundreds of struggling and start up business owners, we figured out what they needed to market their business successfully, and put it all together in this one, easy to follow program. If you’re tired of doing it yourself, and tired of wasting time and a LOT of money, we are here to help you. The important thing to know first, is that this is not some product you ‘buy and try.’ We are available every week on a Mastermind call to be your hand up.

We Begin with hours of Dynamic Live Video from

The Small Business Marketing Plan Boot Camps.

These videos walk you through your business-building Action Guide, page-by-page at your pace… with our help.  Now, we know that any marketing coach could create a product like this, but here is why The Small Business Marketing Plan is different, and easier for you to use to achieve success:

This is a new hybrid Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) with Coaching Program: This isn’t just “shelf help.”  You are investing in your business, so we are investing our time into your success.  As a bonus, we include in your investment a 1-year membership to Weekly Mastemind Call! What that means for you is that you can jump on the call every Monday. You can get LIVE ANSWERS to your questions each week!

You can also participate in and listen in on what other Small Business Marketing Plan business owners are asking. These calls keep you on track and hastens your success.

You are also included in a One-year membership to a private Facebook group! You don’t have to wait.  You can get your questions answered! You can network with other Motivated Entrepreneurs just like you!

We teach marketing in lots of cities for a lot of groups. Quite often, we video those classes.  You get the benefit of our teaching because you get to watch DOZENS OF Extra Bonus Video Segments with OVER 100 HOURS of Marketing Training with this program. We will add more videos for you constantly.  That means you will always be up to date on what is happening in Marketing. Some are quick 5-minute Marketing Morsels. Some are full length workshops. Here are 3 examples…

• “The Basic 15 Marketing Tactics”… the tools EVERY business needs.
• A 6-hour “Social Media – Basics to Business” class which teaches you how to use Social Media to generate sales!
• “How to Have Fun With Marketing” workshop…

We even have live footage for several 3-DAY MARKETING BOOTCAMPS with different information to share. This means that you can benefit from many audience members who ask questions during the event.

• And as we add more videos we will share the links you will receive up to the minute notification through the Private Facebook group.

(Oh… if you want to get to your success faster, we have also a seven-hour video class where Sharyn and Hank walk you through your Action Guide without an audience.)

YOUR FEEL GOOD BONUS: Do Good for Your Community While Building Your Business:

It is vitally important to us that as business owners, we all find a non-profit which speaks to us and contribute to its success. To help you do that, when you invest in The Small Business Marketing Plan, we will send a copy to the nonprofit of your choice.* Your business and your favorite non-profit will both increase your returns.

Twice a year in Los Angeles and Sedona, we hold a 3-day LIVE Marketing Bootcamp. When you invest in The Small Business Marketing Plan, you receive 2 FREE TICKETS (bring a partner, spouse, friend) to the bootcamp. ($997 value each)

The Small Business Marketing Plan was designed for solo-preneurs and  owners of small and medium-sized companies like yours, who are great at what they do, but need some help marketing what they do.   Invest in this program and you will be on top of what’s the latest in marketing and promoting your business.  Now is the time.  Together, let’s get started increasing your sales!

Remember to keep track in the private Facebook group – when we speak in other parts of the country, you will be invited.  Free of charge.  All because you invested in your business with The Small Business Marketing Plan.

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