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We are so happy to serve your business with The Small Business Marketing Plan. When you work with us one-on-one, we pave a marketing path to help our clients enjoy new insights on promoting their business and making sales. We realized, though, that there was a need for an entrepreneurial program for those who were not quite ready for a business coach, but it was still crucial for their success to get marketing help.

We designed this program to allow you to create that marketing path, but we will not be sending you down that path by yourself. Think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She was undertaking the ordeal alone, but she assembled a team and Glinda was never far away. In this example we are Glinda, not the Yellow Brick Road, or the Wizard   (We actually like to think of your competitors as the Wicked Witch of the East, your business is Dorothy’s house and we are the marketing tornado that helps you smash them… but that’s another story).

Here is how we suggest you use this program: Watch either of the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp videos – there is the live version with an audience, or the shorter, studio version. We cover the same information, but one allows you to ‘participate’ with others while the other is a quicker watch.

Take your time to fill in this entire Action Guide. It will be your road map.

When we teach around the country, quite often we video our trainings, so there will be a continually growing number of additional videos.  We will announce them in the Facebook group.

When you invested in your copy of the program, we invited you into a private Facebook group so that you can ask us questions and get answers, like we do in our live events. In 2018 there will also be a weekly office hour phone in, for which you will receive the number and schedule.


ALSO – if you do not get an email from us about the non-profit that also receives a copy of the plan, send us an email to with the subject line TSBMP NON-PROFIT.

The advantage of having your program on video is that it allows you to pause at any time to do the exercises, so let’s get started!

Wishing you the best,

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff

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