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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
– Albert Einstein

Here's a Preview of Your Path to Success

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Session One Agenda - Your Ideal Client is Waiting

  • Where You Are and What’s Holding You Back.
  • Bright Shiny Objects – How to Eliminate Distractions, Get Focused, Energetic and Productive.
  • 20 Fast and Easy Marketing Ideas You can Use Right Away.
  • Things You Were Taught that are Holding You Back.
  • How to Create Your 12-month Plan with Easy Steps to Make it Happen.
  • How to Easily Share What You Do and Attract New Customers Like a Magnet.
  • Your Mission and the Vision it Takes to be Successful.
  • Stand Out from Your Competition: Why They Will Use You Instead of Your Competition.
  • 12 Simple Ways to Keep Your Business Legal and Protected.

Sample Video Sections:

It's Time Now, Here's How!

Perfect For:

• The New Business
• The Company Ready For Expansion
• The Established Business
• The Mature Entrepreneur

Session Two: The Right Message

  • Turning Dreams into Reality.
  • How to be Consistently Successful.
  • How to Talk to Your Prospects so They Will Listen and Act.
  • Create the Right Message for the Right Client
  • Don’t Waste Time Talking to Non-Buyers.
  • How to Use Demographics and Psychographics to Create the Exact Message that Sells.
  • How to Create The Perfectly Targeted Ad.
  • What is Branding and How to Do it Right for Your Business.
  • Why it’s Important to Have a Creative Logo.
  • How the Wrong Business Card Just Cost You Money.How to Design and Ad that Works.
  • A Graphic Artist can Save You Money.
  • The Right Way to Speak and Sell to Every Generation.
  • A Huge Marketing Secret: Video Sells.
  • How Video Puts Your Message Directly in the Customer’s Brain.
  • A Secret and Very Effective Marketing Tool.
  • How to Blog and What it Will Do for Your Business.
  • The Basics of Blogging.
  • How Social Media can Increase Your Sales.
  • Social Media Hows, Whys and Wheres
  • Social Media Works! We “Meme” It!
  • How to Use the Right Social Media to Effectively Reach the Right Prospects.
  • The Social Media Platforms and What They Mean.
  • How to Ask For and Properly Use Testimonials to Get More Business.
  • Use Broadcast Media (Radio, Podcasts, TV) to Spread Your Message.
  • Why Public Speaking Improves Your Marketing.
  • The Power of Seminars to Sell Your Product.

Session Three: The Right Method

  • What Happens if You Don’t Tell the Truth in Advertising.
  • How to Use Special Offers the Right Way.
  • A Bad Web Developer can Kill Your Web Sales.
  • The Right Way to Take and Use Photos.
  • Website Tips that will Make You Money.
  • The Proper Use of Keywords to Get the Right People to Your Site.
  • Search Engine Optimization: What it is and How it Works.
  • The Basics of Online Ads to Raise Sales.
  • Some More Website Tips including Retargeting to Bring People Back to Your Website.
  • How to use Sales Statistics to Improve Sales.
  • The Importance of Relationships and How to Build Them.
  • How to Dominate in Networking Groups to Make Money.
  • Get Interviewed and How to Answer the Questions to Improve Your Leverage.
  • Writing Your First Book:  Be Known as The Expert.
  • What to Write About to Prove Your Expertise.
  • Exhibiting at Trade Shows is an Easy Way to Make Sales.
  • Direct Mail: Putting Your Message Right into Their Hands.
  • Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid -Don’t Waste Money.
  • How Customer Service is Key to Success.
  • The Right Way to Create a Customer Service Process.
  • Here is a Customer Service Card You can Use Now to Improve Repeat Business.
  • How to Know If Your Clients are Happy and Will Buy from You Again.
  • Email Marketing Tips: Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time.
  • How to Start Thinking Out of the Box: Marketing Ideas
  • If You Calendar Your Marketing. It will be More Effective.
  • Goal Setting – Next Steps to Your Business Success!
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